Summer Research Students – Agriculture Technician Positions

The Ontario Hazelnut Association (“OHA”) is looking for eager and enthusiastic summer students for work on research farms including data collection and scouting at various locations in Ontario.

The OHA is helping to spearhead the development of a hazelnut industry in Ontario by working with researchers, government, producers, and processors across the province. The students will be directly involved in the efforts.

The Summer Research student (Agriculture Technician Positions) will provide critical support to the development of the hazelnut industry in Ontario. The Summer Research student role will involve both infield work as well as data collection and analysis. The role is intended to be a full time under the CSJ program rules.

The Summer Research student will be responsible for:
-Visiting hazelnut orchards within a region, and recording information including cultivar types, age, size and tree counts
-Creating orchard maps
-Assessing and recording tree health data
-Scouting orchards recording data on tree pests and disease
-Supporting the planting, maintaining, and caring for Hazelnut trees,
-Grass cutting, pruning and supporting irrigation needs of an orchard,
-Compiling records, preparing spreadsheets and reports for the farmer and for the Ontario Hazelnut Association
– Administrative and member support projects for the OHA

Experience and Skills Required
The successful candidate will receive Integrated Pest Management and Scouting for Hazelnuts (IPM) training, developed by a leading expert, at the beginning of the assignment

The successful applicant will have a demonstrated ability to:
-Work independently and as part of a team,
-Pay attention to detail, work safely, and demonstrate thoroughness in their work,
-Work outdoors in a variety of weather
-Perform manual labour in the tree orchard,
-Work with mechanized equipment such as lawn mowers and other equipment,

Ideally, the Summer Research Student (Agriculture Technician Positions):
-Enjoys outdoor work and has experience in outdoor projects such as agriculture, lawn care, construction etc.
-Has an educational interest in horticulture, agriculture, sciences or business.
-Possesses a valid Ontario driver’s license.
-Has a good working knowledge of spreadsheets and Microsoft Office

We believe that the Summer Research student (Agriculture Technician Positions) role would be an ideal fit for a number of academic fields. Students enrolled in horticulture, crop or plant science would gain substantial direct experience in production processes, in a novel crop, but also in research methodology. Students from a general sciences background, would gain experience in applied science and applied research. The gathering of observed data from the field, in uncontrollable environments – with weather and disease etc. – would showcase the challenges of field research.

In addition, students from a business studies background might find the first hand experience in the development of an emerging agro-industry. We are attempting to develop a new production sector in Ontario agriculture, which would be of interest to business and economics students.

Locations Available
OHA anticipates offering six positions for the summer of 2020. One position might be available in each of the following locations:-Wheatley, Ontario
-Uxbridge, Ontario
-Courtland, Ontario
-West Lincoln, Ontario
-Harley, Ontario
-Thorndale, Ontario

We thank all applicants for their interest in these roles. Please send your resume to and indicate which site or sites you would be interested in working on. Travel to orchards in each area will necessary. IPM training will take place during orientation in Simcoe, ON

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