Along with providing a food source (and a highly nutritious one), there are environmental benefits to growing hazelnuts.

Here at Ontario Hazelnuts, we are advocating for the growth and selling of hazelnuts because of the positive effects on our food chain and on the environment.

What ARE The Environmental Benefits of Hazelnuts?

Carbon Sequestration

Hazelnut trees capture significant amounts of carbon dioxide, enough that an orchard of hazelnut trees will capture more carbon dioxide than it produces, which helps to combat climate change.

Drought Resistant Crops

Hazelnut trees don't need as much water, making them both ideal for drought resistance and water conservation over time. They draw on their deep roots to get water they need during droughts and don't need regular watering once established.

Absorption of Metal

Hazelnut shells (which are usually thrown away) are capable of absorbing 30-40% of their weight in heavy metals, making them ideal for environmental clean-up (oil spills, water filtration, etc.)

Less Soil Erosion

Hazelnut trees can reduce and prevent soil erosion. These trees can act as a "biofilter" against erosion or polluted runoff AND have longer and better soil cover throughout the seasons.

Other benefits

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