Check out our July edition of Your Nuts This Month

Welcome members to the first edition of “Your Nuts This Month”! 
We hope to bring you pictures of developing nuts and orchards from four growing zones throughout Ontario each month so you can compare what you see in your own orchards with those in your growing zones. Enjoy!

Zone 5

Variety: Slate
Planted: 2015

Photo credit: Nutcracker Ridge

Zone 6a

Variety: Jefferson
Planted: 2015

Photo credit: Butternut Farm

Zone 6b

Variety: Yamhill
Planted: 2014

Photo Credit: Athena Acres

Zone 7

Variety: Santiam
Planted: 2012

Photo credit: Scott Deslippe

Pro Tip of the Month

Watch out for this structure on your trees. These are tents created by the aptly named “tent caterpillars”. They will completely defoliate your trees and devastate your crop. Some regions are spraying for these infestations. Contact your local regional government to see if they have spray programs near you.

Photo credit: Butternut Farm

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