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Zone 5b

There is a nut on this ‘Marion’ hazel planted in 2016.
And notice the excellent weed control which helps with the success of your orchard trees allowing all moisture to get the roots of the tree instead of competing with weeds.

Photo credit: Earl Hughson

Zone 6a

2 acres of ‘Jefferson’ and ‘Yamhill’ were planted in 2016 at Butternut Farm. 
The top inset picture is ‘Yamhill’ nuts and catkins.

Photo Credits: Martin Hodgson

Zone 6b

‘Carmela’ hazel planted in 2012.
This farm is located above the escarpment in Jordan in a loam soil. 
Notice the excellent sucker control which allows the tree’s energy to go into nut growth instead of into sucker growth.

Photo Credit: John Hildebrand

Zone 7

‘Gamma’ hazel planted in 2012
This farm is located below the escarpment in Jordan in a fine sandy loam.
Notice both the abundance of nuts hiding in the leaves and catkin development.
You should begin to see little growths called catkins (male flower) at this time.

Photo Credit: Highview Farms


Integrating methods to address the weather extremes is a high priority for farmers.
    Summer water management is important both for the health of your hazel plants and for a high-quality hazelnut that has good nut fill and no shrinkage.
Photo: Linda Grimo in Chile – notice their irrigation hung through the trees

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