Call for Hazelnuts and Processors

On behalf of all OHA member growers, the OHA has been seeking possible sales connections for growers.  As a result of these actions there is some potential opportunity for consistent hazelnut sales with a domestic purchaser.  We are in the early stages of discussions regarding this opportunity, but we need to fully understand interest and product volumes now and in the future.  Our first step is to collect information about your yield, as well as a hazelnut sample to provide to this purchaser. 

We are also looking for processors within the province of Ontario to help us understand what opportunity we have for hazelnut processing.  If you have any processing equipment and you are interested in this potential opportunity for sales of your product and processing of yours and possibly others product as well, please email us for the forms to fill out.
If you are intererested in this oppurtunity, please email us at and we will provide you with the forms to fill out.  The forms need to be submitted back to no later then Friday July 23, 2021 at 4 pm.

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